Behaviours: We care

Andrew Wates, Director
Andrew Wates Director
Behaviours: We care
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Taking a caring approach to business has been part of the Wates Family ethos for as long as I can remember.

It’s really integral to our family business philosophy, and I feel personally that it’s important we value and reward behaviour in the company that reflects that caring attitude.

Actually, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Caring about colleagues makes for stronger and more effective teams. We get the best out of each other when we care when we treat each other as individuals, each with a valuable role to play in the team. Every year at the annual Wates Chairman’s Awards ceremony, I love hearing stories about people who care about their colleagues and go the extra mile. It’s incredibly inspirational.

For me, We Care is also about the work we do to support charities through Wates Giving. Whether it is providing matched funding for staff doing great work in their communities, or funding community programmes or other causes we support, Wates Giving is a great vehicle for showing the world that we care and we want to make it a better place for everyone.

Watch the video below to learn what ‘WE CARE’ means to us.