Goals: Sustainable

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Goals: Sustainable
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The world around us is changing. A societal system that for too long has favoured economic achievement over the environment and social justice is now being called to account as the magnitude of inequality and environmental degradation becomes clearer.

The science on climate change is now unambiguous. We do have a climate crisis. The scale and speed of biodiversity (species) loss is no less shocking. With a global population set to reach nine billion by 2050, the strain on the planet’s finite natural resources is increasing. Governments are struggling to adapt and provide the necessary leadership to help us navigate our way through these challenges.

So, we must take responsibility for keeping our own house in order and for playing a part in tackling wider societal and environmental issues. That means a shifting of the balance between economic, social and environmental outcomes. If we do that, we will be an organisation fit for purpose in a fast-changing world. We will in fact be more durable and more competitive.

Watch the video below to learn what ‘SUSTAINABLE’ means to us.