The New Social Value Model

Su Pickerill - Head of Social Value, Group Centre
Su Pickerill Head of Social Value
The New Social Value Model
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On 31 March 2021, Wates Group Community Investment Manager, Su Pickerill was a guest speaker at an event hosted by the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, discussing the Government’s new measures aimed at embedding social value into central government procurement.

In this webinar, a recording which is available below, Su discusses how Wates has responded to government policy and identifying strong alignment with Wates Social Value Strategy, ‘Creating Opportunities’ launched in November 2020.

Since our establishment in 1897 delivering social value has been in our DNA. Last  November launched ‘Creating opportunities’ – our social value strategy, which focuses on three main themes.

Through our theme of challenging inequality we’re focusing on providing opportunities for employment from those furthest from the workforce. We’re keen to see direct and indirect employment for people who face barriers to work.

We also are looking to champion the Living Wage to ensure that people get fairly paid for their work.

Engaging and educating  young people is really important to identify a huge range of opportunities and careers within the sector. Thirdly, through supporting and scaling the social enterprise sector, we’re continuing to support organisations which focus on generating social value, greatly contributing to our communities.”

Su Pickerill

Head of Social Value, Wates