Inclusion Month

Inclusion Month
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Our third annual Inclusion Month, a major part of our programme to make Wates the most inclusive organisation

A workplace where everyone belongs is built by one small act of inclusion at a time. Inclusion Month is a great opportunity for our colleagues to get involved learn more about intentional inclusion and how they can play their part.

This year’s focus is Allyship at Work. Allyship is about action. It’s not enough to know. It is necessary to act. It is a practice that requires:

We can all experience privilege depending on the situation and as such we all have ability to be allies.

The allyship commitment


The allyship commitment

Allyship is a journey. It starts with understanding one’s privilege and with with one single act of inclusion.

This is why we are asking all colleagues to make their own commitment and together we start this journey – where we learn, listen, speak up and support and advocate for each other.

Our allyship commitment

“My commitment is to levelling up, and no excuses.”

Philip Wainwright, Interim Chief Executive Officer
“I have really positive experiences of allyship as a women within Wates through my involvement with Wates Women.”

Helen Bunch, Executive MD
“You need to be curious about the things that make us different, and then we need to celebrate and appreciate those differences.”

Paul Chandler, Executive MD
“My allyship commitment is to create opportunity and space for colleagues to have a voice.”

Simon Potter, Group Commercial Director

“I commit to being much more vigilant about those in my work team whose voice may not be heard.”

Paul Rowan, Group HR Director