Uniting Through Allyship: Celebrating Inclusion Month 2023

Uniting Through Allyship: Celebrating Inclusion Month 2023
Home Insights Uniting Through Allyship: Celebrating Inclusion Month 2023

September is Inclusion Month

A workplace where everyone belongs is built by one small act of inclusion at a time. September is our annual ‘Inclusion Month’ – a great opportunity for our people to get involved, learn more about intentional inclusion and how they can play their part.

This Inclusion Month is the fourth one we’ve held –  we’re focusing  on showing allyship through simple acts of inclusion and kindness. It’s not about grand gestures, but the everyday actions that boost one another. From being there for each other to celebrating achievements, offering mentorship, and addressing negativity, allyship thrives in these small yet impactful deeds.

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Taking Small Steps for Big Impact

Our research shows that just one third (36%) of UK employees have spoken up when they have seen discrimination at work. We are on a mission to create a culture of active allyship and an environment where everyone is free to be their true selves and we know that when we do this, we all benefit.

We’ve been proud to see our inclusion and diversity efforts recognised, earning us a spot in the Times Top 50 Employers for Gender Equality.

Find out more using our hashtag #watestogether

Spotlight on Outstanding Allies

During the month we’re shining a light on the exceptional allies across our business. These are the individuals who consistently make our workplace better through their actions. Let their dedication inspire us to be better allies every day.