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Whitecroft Cascade Flex.

We have taken further steps in sustainability with the launch of Cascade Flex Vitality, one of the world’s first recessed luminaires Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze.

The signature centre optic has been rejuvenated taking the form of a completely removable, reusable, replaceable and recyclable cartridge that is made using up to 70% less plastic than a traditional flat panel.

Design and Manufacture – This begins with the development of high efficacy products that are modular, upgradeable and designed for disassembly. Then the supply chain, production facility and product have to gain independent certification such as Cradle to Cradle Certified.

Through Life Utility – DALI and integrated controls such as Organic Response® enable Whitecroft to support you with annual Whitecroft Vitality maintenance checks to monitor the installation throughout its life and keep products at their highest utility.

Regeneration and Recovery – Whitecroft Vitality cycles allow for the future upgrade and replacement of your lighting solution without the need to fully replace the luminaire. Keeping the product in the economy for additional lifecycles greatly reduces the carbon footprint of the installation and lowers return on investment triggers for future energy savings.


  • Carbon saving
  • Energy saving
  • UK made, responsibly sourced and 70% less plastic.
  • The pod optic  is the option for areas where a higher level of glare control is required. It directs 80% of the output onto the task while the remaining 20% serves to illuminate the bevelled ceiling canopy.  This results in an intermediate brightness zone which creates a contrasting  field between the optic and the ceiling plane, adding visual interest and overall comfort.
  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • Indoor environment improvement
  • Wates reduction
  • Save time, money and energy in the future by easily upgrading components such as the LEDs and driver. The cartridge can be removed and all components can be easily accessed and upgraded.
  • The combination of the latest LED technology and superior thermal management see Cascade Flex achieve nominal lumen outputs ranging from 2300 lumens to 5100 lumens and efficacies in excess of 120ll/cw.


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