Purified Air – VIU Mobile
removes harmful particulates from the air including Covid-19

Purifiedair VIU Mobile
Home Innovation Partners Purified Air – VIU Mobile removes harmful particulates from the air including Covid-19
VIU Mobile - Removes harmful particulates from the air including Covid-19

Purified Air’s VIU Mobile Unit is a practical but aesthetic sterilisation unit suitable for both commercial and medical applications to remove airborne particles and help to destroy viruses including Coronavirus.

The VIU Mobile uses a combination of Electrostatic Precipitation and UVGI Technology to irradiate virus’ and bacteria.

The product has been tried and tested by the NHS and by a leading British University. Alongside supplying the VIU Mobile to the NHS, the VIU Mobile has also been supplied to HM Government and has rolled out nationally to the Ministry of Defence. Purified Air have products that range from portable, wall-mounted fan coil, to standalone recirculating Air Handling Units to help combat poor Indoor Air Quality.

British Manufacturer Purified Air have been market leaders in the air filtration business since 1984 and have a service team of 50+ engineers to support the product after supply and install alongside maintenance hubs in both Manchester & London. Purified Air have over 40 distributors overseas; other projects where Purified Air have been tasked with improving the indoor air quality include: The Houses of Parliament, The Dubai Shopping Mall, Dubai Airports, Lisbon Airport and many more.


  • Removes up to 99.999% of particles
  • Deactivates pathogens and viruses
  • Plug and play
  • Energy efficient


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