URIZAP – Odourless & blockage free urinals. A sustainable, environmentally friendly low cost solution.

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URIZAP - odourless & blockage free urinals. A sustainable, environmentally friendly low cost solution

Urine contains compounds such as uric acid, struvite and potassium phosphate, that precipitate, causing blockages in urinal pipes, and persistent unpleasant odours, which need expensive fixes. The trend to install waterless/low-flush urinals exacerbates these issues.

The odours and blockages caused by uric scale is a point of stress for washroom operatives who constantly have to deal with client criticism.

Current treatments rely on a cocktail of bleaches, descalers, enzymes, disinfectants and urinal pods or mats – or, especially in waterless urinals, pipework replacement, while air fresheners are used to mask lingering odours. Current solutions mask the issue, failing to completely remove the uric scale build-up.

In a unique development specifically designed to solve this issue, ABS designed and produced URIZAP, a highly effective environmentally friendly bacterial treatment embodying safe purpose-specific elements that digest, and prevent the build-up, of uric acid scale, eliminating odours in the process. Non-hazardous and harmless to humans and aquatic life, a 25g scoop contains billions of bacteria.

After an initial cleansing regime, applied weekly directly into the urinal bowl, a single scoop and one cup of water is all that is required to maintain each urinal free of odours, blockages, and costly repairs – minimising disruptions and overheads, while maximising infrastructure longevity – ensuring highest-quality service. Suitable for both flushing and waterless urinals, URIZAP is the optimal environmentally and health-friendly solution (because it makes no use of toxic acid to break down the non-organic matter), and it’s >50% cheaper on average than current practices and avoids up to 10x the basic cost to deal with blockages and repairs


* These figures exclude upstream and downstream environmental benefits and are based on assumptions from > 200 trials with a range of urinal types, flush systems, number of historic blockages and cleaning.

  • Between 10 and 30 million litres of water saved per year
  •  Around 11,200 litres of chemicals saved per year
  • About 14 tonnes of single-use plastic saved per year
  • On average 25 tonnes of carbon emissions reduced per year
  • Depending on location, 50-400% cost savings

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