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The future of heating is clean, green and affordable. Our award-winning Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB®) is revolutionising the way we heat our homes

The Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB®) is an innovative low carbon alternative to a fossil fuel boiler. . Using a Smart Charging algorithm the ZEB charges up with off-peak electricity and stores this as heat inside its core, producing heating and hot water on demand to keep costs low.

A typical installation takes 1-2 days including delivery. It is an ideal retrofit product, as the ZEB has been designed to be a plug-and-play replacement for a fossil fuel boiler. The ZEB works at the same flow and return temperatures as a traditional boiler, meaning there’s no upsizing of radiators often associated with other low carbon options. In fact for a customer they interact with and experience their heating system in exactly the same way as they did before, with smart charging working in the background and the same controls within the home, the ZEB has been designed to be a simple installation.

The ZEB is powered by electricity and works like a battery to store energy as heat until it is needed. Electric heating elements charge up a “core” inside the ZEB – storing a lot of energy in a small footprint.

Our patented heat-management technology then cleverly releases the heat to your radiators, underfloor heating and water tank when your thermostat calls for it.


  • Home heating is likely to be one of your single biggest sources of carbon. Upgrading to a ZEB means no more burning oil or gas to heat your home, so no more flue
  • The ZEB works like a battery for heat: charging up using low carbon electricity and then delivering heat to your home when needed.
  • Tepeo offers a 10-year guarantee as standard.
  • Our smart charging algorithm calculates when and how much to charge based on your energy tariff, keeping running costs low
  • The ZEB is easy and quick to install and works with your existing heating system. Ditching fossil fuels, without a fuss


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