Purrmetrix – Easy to work with, affordable and reliable, Warmscore brings certainty to energy strategy

Warmscore - Easy to work with, affordable and reliable.
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Warmscore combines energy and temperature data to help property professionals measure the performance of a building’s fabric.

When retrofitting improvements to housing and commercial buildings, accurate measurements are vital for forecasting returns on the improvements, finding the buildings that need upgrading, for confirming that the improvements have produced the results predicted

Too often, landlords find their data on building performance is not up to the job: EPCs are unreliable, asset databases incomplete, metering data is inaccessible or skewed by occupant behaviour.

Warmscore offers an alternative that helps landlords allocate their investment and confirm that performance has been improved. By using a simple IoT toolset to collect data on a home’s environment and combining it with energy data, we can measure the rate of heat loss from a home’s fabric, unaffected by building type, climate or occupancy.

The solution is designed to be used by energy assessors, PAS2035 co-ordinators, surveyors or installers. It can be used alongside any assessment or survey, whether EPC, ESOS, PAS2035 or stock condition visit. A few weeks of data gathering produces a short report on heatloss which can be used alongside EPCs to benchmark performance and verify that retrofitted measures have improved a building.

Data gathered is also useful for confirming compliance with PAS2035 and Decent Homes, as well as identifying risks of unintended consequences.


  • Improve targeting of retrofit budgets to homes (and tenants) where poor fabric performance drives high costs. EPC ‘E’ cost landlords over £1000 per year in additional costs over EPC ‘B’ homes. Studies show the majority of EPCs to be incorrect by 10 SAP points, meaning a huge number of hidden opportunities to reduce these costs.
  • Reduce the performance gap after retrofit. By measuring the improvement in building fabric performance, landlords and contractors can identify the measures that really make a difference.
  • Avoid unintended consequences. Data collected on humidity and air quality provide a valuable early warning on buildings where additional care is needed to avoid condensation, overheating or air quality issues arising from retrofit works.


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