The Pallet Loop – Delivering Circularity – The safer, more sustainable future for pallet use in the construction sector.

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The Pallet Loop


The Pallet LOOP is a new Circular Economy pallet reuse initiative that is built around our distinctive green reusable LOOP pallets. The Pallet LOOP delivers an alternative approach to single use pallets that’s better for business and better for the planet. Our simple, carbon net zero, returnable pallet scheme challenges existing ‘unsustainable’ supply chain practices; promotes a culture of re-use; and provides the UK construction sector with a greener, leaner, most cost effective way to transport building materials that can positively impact on people, planet and profitability.

These are supplied to our partner construction material manufacturers for them to ship their products on, and once they reach the construction site, and the pallets are no longer required, The Pallet LOOP will collect them for reuse (and credit the site with a LOOP PayBack for each LOOP pallet).

The pallets are then returned to one of our repair hub centres, where they are checked, cleaned and repaired as necessary, before being returned to the LOOP pallet pool. And did we mention that we also collect any other white pallets, not just our green LOOP ones, which our partners then refurbish and sell back into the reconditioned pallet market. As both green and white pallets are destined for reuse, they are not classed as waste when they leave the construction site. This can reduce site waste volume by up to 10%, helping to achieve waste reduction targets.

With repair hub centres across the UK, The Pallet LOOP can collect from any mainland UK location. There is a charge for each collection, but on average, the collection service works out at less than half the price of disposing of pallets in a mixed waste skip.


  • Widespread adoption of The Pallet LOOP™ across the UK construction sector has the potential to achieve up to 40% less CO2 emissions and an estimated 75% reduction in timber usage – greatly reducing the  negative impact that pallets currently place on the environment and our forests.
  • Replacing the current linear pallet distribution model, with a truly circular green solution, our carbon net zero scheme challenges unsustainable supply chain practices and promotes a culture of pallet re-use.
  • Waste reduction
  • Delivering a step change in distribution logistics, we’re shifting the sector away from the inefficient ‘take, make, use, throw’ model, to an approach that’s less costly from a financial and an environmental perspective.
  • Applying reverse logistics, we’re changing the way the construction industry uses pallets – repositioning them as a valuable resource that can be re-integrated into the construction industry supply chain.

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