Nuspan Precast Insulated Floors – The offsite alternative to block and beam.

Home Innovation Partners Nuspan Precast Insulated Floors – The offsite alternative to block and beam.

High-performance, precast, insulated flooring system for the construction of suspended ground floors in new build housing and small-scale commercial buildings.

With a time saving of up to 500% and an onsite labour reduction of up to 83%, Nuspan’s insulated precast concrete units (IPCU) have become a nationwide leading Modern Method of Construction (MMC).

Each slab is manufactured in a precision-made steel mould to stringent quality standards. The composite unit comprises structural-grade, reinforced concrete bonded to high-performance expanded polystyrene (EPS).

Nuspan was developed to meet the next generation of building regulations and can achieve U-Values as low as 0.10 W/m2K, depending on the perimeter/area ratio and insulating material chosen.

Due to the offsite manufacturing process, Nuspan provides fast onsite construction, usually completing a standard plot within an hour, providing a safe working platform for the follow-on trades to get on-site as quickly as possible.

We provide project specific 3D thermal models of the ground floor to wall junctions which can be used in SAP calculations and we will collaborate with you to design junctions that will offer excellent thermal performance

The unique design of the product minimises the thermal bridging effect of the structural concrete to give a high resistance for the thermal suspended floor

The Insulated units cover the entire floor, ensuring the same high-quality performance across the entire space

Our system offers good thermal performance at junctions and modifications can be made to our standard products to meet specific project needs


  • Compatible and proven with traditional MMC superstructures as well as modern methods of construction such as modular, timber and steel frame, SIPs and large format block. Compatible and proven with traditional block work substructures and OSM products such as offsite ring beams.
  • There is a continuous layer of EPS material across the entire floor unit, achieving U-values as low as 0.10 W/m2K, offering a heat loss reduction at the floor to wall junction due to the extension of EPS to the cavity wall
  • Offer a positive contribution towards reduction in CO2 emissions with our excellent thermal performance
  • Nuspan floors provide an off-site solution to traditional block and beam for suspended ground floors. With MMC being backed by Homes England (HE) local authorities (LA) and the Construction Leadership Council (CLC), House builders and the contract network – big and small have begun to understand the value engineering that modular products like Nuspan provide.
  • NHBC CAT 2 Accepted
  • The installation efficiencies of installing Nuspan floors provide extensive site preliminary savings of up to 5 days per plot. Labour cost is significantly reduced with elimination of on-site labour and material.
  • The floor units are tailor made to plot requirements, therefore there is zero wastage to be accounted for.
  • he Nuspan system is not affected by material shortages such as blocks and insulation which can result in increased lead times and price fluctuations.
  • All units are manufactured in controlled factory ISO9001 conditions. Design considerations are addressed prior to installation.
  • Supports Environmental Social Governance (ESG), Supports Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Improves environmental assessments (BREEAM, LEED, SKA etc), Improves Energy Performance Certificate rating (EPC)

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