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Mixergy Cylinder - Adaptive Heating Technology
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Mixergy smart hot water cylinders are pioneering hot water solutions invested in by Centrica, Williams Advanced Engineering, among others.

They can volumetrically heat the water inside precisely to what is required in the home at the times as required, halving heat losses and reducing on-site energy demand of heating potable hot water by up to 40%.

All of our smart cylinders are future-proofed to work with ASHP/GSHP technology, district, and communal heating systems, solar PV should the need arise and also with time of use energy tariffs as they emerge, so overall they facilitate the change on any site to more sustainable methods of heating without a need to change cylinders down the line. We also have a fully embedded solar PV diverter cylinder that requires no extra tech to harness up to 35% more solar PV on-site than a conventional cylinder/PV combinations â“ now qualified through Appendix Q/BRE. This gives significant SAP benefits.

The cylinders have an on-board AI machine learning tool that assesses what volume of hot water our customers use and when, and it simply prepares this amount (if the option selected) adopting the most economical way possible to heat the water required at the times it’s required ie-using off-peak/agile tariff use. We also have a dual fuel AI system that switches the heat source automatically between gas/electric depending on cost/availability.

Our range of direct electric cylinders heats the water 5 x faster (twice as quick with indirect -gas) – to a useable volume (10-50%), by preparing only what is needed and therefore cost far less to run. With both our indirect and direct cylinders, a reduction in required cylinder size is possible due to volumetric heating – great when there’s a lack of space in the plant area. Our systems all come with remote monitoring capability so any FM or building management company can access data on energy consumption, cleansing cycles, smart schedules, and more and can alter cylinder settings to reduce rollout maintenance charges and identify issues before they arise for the end-user.

All cylinders are smart app enabled and have a free, intuitive, and simple app for each user to prepare schedules, adopt complete auto-energy saving modes or fully manual (for both tech-savvy or shy of apps), access energy data and all cylinder functionalities. Levels of hot water inside the cylinders are always visible on the app and on the side of the cylinder using the manual gauge.

Our cylinders are also designed to help balance the grid and harness more renewable power available, acting like a giant virtual battery when linked together. Mixergy cylinders are no more complex to install than standard cylinders, come with a 25-year warranty, and are in line with the standard, higher-end cylinders (or giant kettles as we call them!).


  • Mixergy tanks save energy and money by only heating the hot water that you need
  • Mixergy tanks deliver hot water up to 10x faster than conventional tanks
  • Control your hot water 24/7 through the Mixery app or using voice control
  • 40% savings on hot water bills
  • 30% more usable hot water delivered
  • 21% reduction in gas consumption


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