Infogrid – Make any building a smart building.

Infogrid - Make any building a smart building
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Infogrid is making the dream of IoT a reality.

Infogrid combines small sensors with artificial intelligence to optimise and automate facilities and building management in a way which is easy, and affordable.

We are a software platform which incorporates data from multiple different sensor types to allow you to solve known problems and improve building performance.

Anyone can be granted access to the data and viewing rights can be edited to a single sensor if necessary. Alerts can be configured to be sent immediately via phone or email. Reports can be generated to reduce time spent filling out forms. Easy, affordable, and generating incredibly powerful returns.


  • Pipe Monitoring for both compliance and industrial uses
  • Air quality
  • Smart bathrooms
  • Occupancy and usage monitoring
  • 68% cheaper in Year 1, 88% cheaper in Year 2 – our permanent solution versus the cost of remote engineers moving between sites to conduct manual, infrequent checks
  • Cold storage
  • 97.7% – the water saving per year by preventing unnecessary flushes (600+L of water per tap)
  • Customer feedback
  • Leak detection
  • Leak detection monitoring
  • 81% – time saving for building engineers on legionella checks, per year


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