BrainBox AI – Autonomously decarbonising the built environment.

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BrainBox AI - Autonomously decarbonising the built environment

BrainBox AI’s industry-defining decarbonisation technology was created by merging Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing, creating a fully autonomous commercial HVAC solution aimed at making the built environment more energy efficient and sustainable

This shift from reactive to pre-emptive HVAC system management is applied individually to each of the building’s distinct zones, allowing for a very granular control of the system.

It operates as an overlay of deep learning-driven algorithms on existing HVAC functionality to automate the modulation of each component that results in up to 25% reduction in HVAC energy consumption and 40% reduction in HVAC-related carbon emissions. Once installed, the solution gets to know the building by mapping its system’s point names and learning its thermal behaviours

In its predictive phase, it determines the future state of each of the building’s zones with up to 99.6% accuracy by using external feeds of weather forecasts, utility tariffs, and grid carbon intensity to its AI engine. Based on these predictions, the AI identifies optimisation strategies and sends commands to individual pieces of the building’s HVAC equipment.

BrainBox AI’s solution is quick to install, non-intrusive, and generates savings within 3 months of implementation with minimal upfront capital investment. In the past year, BrainBox AI’s technology has been implemented in hundreds of smaller-sized retail buildings to larger office towers ranging in size from 4,000 sq. ft. to 500,000 sq. ft. In these buildings, BrainBox AI has been able to decrease, on average, HVAC electricity spend by 26% and gas spend by 34%.


  • BrainBox AI generates a full scope 1 and 2, audit-grade GHG assessment fueled by your data and trusted emissions factors, letting you compare your building’s energy use intensity, as well as identify where to improve.
  • Using your GHG assessment as a starting point, act on your building data with our AI-driven HVAC optimization solution to reduce your GHG emissions, energy costs, and operational inefficiencies.
  • BrainBox AI helps cut through the noise of carbon markets by facilitating the purchase of carbon offsets that fund recognized green initiatives such as carbon capture technology, nature-based solutions, and renewable energy projects
  • BrainBox AI’s AI-driven, cloud-based HVAC optimization solution connects to your existing HVAC systems and autonomously sends real time optimized control commands to minimize its emissions and energy consumption. Taking into account weather forecasts, utility data, grid emissions factors and more, these commands are based on the AI’s sophisticated predictions of each zone’s thermal behavior and ensures the HVAC equipment only runs when needed
  • Lower HVAC related carbon emissions by up to 40%
  • Reduce HVAC energy costs by up to 25%

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