Ambisense – We deliver healthier homes. Not just data.

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We measure success by the number of homes we improve without intervention from landlords. We don’t just deliver sensors and data.

By communicating directly with tenants, we bridge the communication gap between landlords and tenants, supplying impartial advice to improve the performance of rental accommodation. We enable tenants and landlords to work together in maintaining homes to a healthy standard. We send easily understood messages directly to tenants to empower them to make healthier choices about their homes. Our root cause analysis helps landlords make informed decisions on repairs and mitigations to avoid issues such as damp and mould.

In the social housing sector, challenges abound. Over 62% of social housing stock is more than 40 years old, necessitating significant investment to meet modern standards. Repair and maintenance costs rose by 44% in 2022, while legislative pressure mounts to tackle issues like dampness and mould. Ambilytics serves as the missing analytics layer, overcoming barriers to scalable environmental monitoring in housing. It addresses challenges such as the cost and complexity of installing sensors at scale, understanding underlying building problems, extracting value from data, and managing multiple platforms.

By leveraging sensor data, Ambilytics swiftly identifies issues and their root causes. Its cloud-based analytics offer valuable insights into energy usage, maintenance requirements, and upgrades at property and portfolio levels. Maintenance teams can easily pinpoint underperforming properties using these metrics, eliminating data overload. Alerts promptly highlight critical conditions.

This groundbreaking product monitors key parameters affecting energy performance, including temperature, ventilation, and moisture. It empowers users to implement optimal heating and ventilation protocols, significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. Precise measurement of moisture balance, temperature, humidity, and ventilation reveals potential risks and underlying issues. Advanced building physics analytics accurately identify causes, be they related to the building structure or user-driven factors, enabling cost-effective and carbon – efficient measures.


  • Live data analysis which helps you to manage your space in a given moment
  • Predictive analytics which identifies what is likely to happen based on the current data. The predictive analytics are connected to an alerting system, letting users know minutes or even hours in advance if an unsafe hotspot is likely to develop
  • Indoor environment improvement
  • It is low cost and is designed for rapid deployment – with no fuss. Once deployed, Ambilytics alerts you to current or predicted unhealthy air quality changes allowing for a proactive approach to risk management in your indoor spaces.
  • Improved maintenance
  • Tenant communications, empowered tenants, healthier homes

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