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66 million tonnes
Construction industry annual waste
61% of UK waste
Construction generates more waste than any sector in the UK
40% of UK carbon emissions
Generated from the built environment

We can all be creatures of habit…

At the start of 2020, the Wates Group committed to three ambitious environmental targets for 2025: Zero Waste, and Zero Carbon, from our operations and Positive Nature Enhancement, (read the 13 January 2020 press release). These are challenging targets and ones which will require us to change our habits.

Our engagement campaign, called ‘Changing our Habits’ has been devised to help us challenge ourselves, our customers, our partners and our supply chain, to find better ways to innovate and make big, meaningful and lasting changes to the way we operate.

The construction sector is a major contributor to carbon emissions and waste. We all have a role to play in protecting and restoring the natural environment and even the smallest changes can make a difference. By working together, and by changing our behaviours and habits, we can provide a cleaner, greener and safer world for future generations.

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