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We are fair

Sir James Wates CBE - Chairman

Fairness or, to use a somewhat more formal term, behaving ethically has been an essential principle of doing business since the very start of human commerce.

Its the basic building block of trust. Its about integrity: doing what we say well do. Its about respect: paying people what they are due, on the terms agreed. Its about openness and transparency: showing those we work with that weve got nothing to hide.

Sadly, there is currently a lack of public trust in business, politics, and quite a lot of other institutions. As business leaders, it is our responsibility to do what we can to repair that trust. My work in developing the Wates Corporate Governance Principles is a small part of that, and Im pleased to see a groundswell of efforts by business to articulate their purpose and be more transparent.

There is no easy solution, but for starters, I think its essential we show respect for others and try to see things from their point of view. This is something we should be doing routinely. Every day, we can ask ourselves, am I treating others as I wish to be treated myself?

Watch the video below to find out what ‘WE ARE FAIR’ means to us.

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