Mechanical and Electrical

Effective management of M&E at an early stage can reduce programme time, cost and risk, and we have considerable in-house expertise and experience to ensure our customers get maximum benefit.

  • Consistent delivery. Our in-house technical experience helps our site managers set the strategy for services delivery on every project, while our ‘Building Services Best Practice Pack’ maps out the necessary process and quality steps to ensure consistency. We engage with our services subcontractors at the earliest opportunity, gaining their commitment to following our processes. 
  • Extensive knowledge. We have in-house expertise across all M&E disciplines, and the Wates Retail Building Services Team includes five building services managers with experience and understanding around design management, building regulations, energy performance certification, renewables and BREEAM.
  • Collaborative planning. We mitigate services-related risks by working with customers to develop and deliver their core services strategy, to facilitate ‘value engineering’ and ‘value creation’ and undertake feasibility surveys.
  • Improved project certainty. By providing programming advice, reviewing tender documents and advising on build ability and commissioning.