Dr Zainab manages and leads Wates Sustainable Technology Services within Wates Group that looks at better ways to design, construct and maintain buildings to support the delivery of net zero carbon buildings.

With over two decades of design, technical and construction site experience, Dr Zainab is a seasoned professional specialising in driving sustainability initiatives, energy management, and carbon reduction innovations in the construction industry. She has a deep understanding of industry trends and customer drivers which  empowers her to navigate market changes and effectively leverage new technologies. In the complex landscape of sustainable innovation, her expertise lies in creating client-specific propositions to decarbonise buildings, earning the trust of C-suite executives, and seamlessly working matrix environments.

Zainab’s unique blend of entrepreneurial mindset and corporate governance expertise positions her to identify and capitalise opportunities for sustainable innovations, steering the decarbonisation of the built environment while generating significant value.

She specialises in accelerating innovation to market and scaling companies by providing strategic insights, developing industry partnerships, and identifying novel ways to overcome barriers to entry. She has developed an extensive network of providers of sustainable innovations available on the Wates Innovation Network Portal with a deep practical knowledge of technology commercialisation and methods for accelerating market translation.

Her ambition is to create a better, sustainable world and she firmly believes that achieving net zero building is possible with the technologies that are available today. 

She has also contributed to publications on sustainable technology which include:

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