As Education Director since 2016, Gary has overall accountability for our Schools Education Sector. He works closely with the other members of our DfE Framework Management to ensure Framework Agreement compliance and high performance levels, and oversees the timely delivery of all schemes within budget.

Gary embodies and instils exemplary framework behaviours and acts as a single point of contact. He leads collaboration with DfE, ensuring we align with Construction Playbook policy areas and DfE’s response to drive better school outcomes and also support on the wider government policy.

Gary has over 25 years in the industry, including 13 years of Leadership Roles and Schools/Framework Experience. As Education Director, Gary leads on our 2021-2025 DfE National Framework for High Value Band Projects over £12m and Low Value Band Projects up to £7m. He is also responsible for our 2019-2023 DfE Modern Method of Construction (MMC1) Framework for projects with GIFA over 6000m2.

Since taking over the role of Education Director in 2016, Gary has demonstrated his ability to collaborate with Department for Education and Technical Advisor teams and Project Delivery Teams to successfully complete over £500m of school projects, with more projects in development or construction. A number of our latest schools being Net Zero Carbon in Operation (NZCiO). He leads our DfE Strategic Supplier Relationship Management (SSRM) partnership with DfE and the Capital Apprentice Academy Programme (multi-partied Wates/DfE/AECOM/MACE) exchange programme.

Gary recognises the importance of collaborative relationships and well-trained, consistent, experienced and knowledgeable nationwide resources to deliver our schools.

As an SEN school governor, Gary also understands the pressures schools face and the long-term importance of our maximising project outcomes for the benefit of the pupils, staff and parents.

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