As Major Projects Pre-construction Director, Mike is responsible for work-winning across the Major Projects Division.

He leads his team to innovate and provide industry-leading, customer-centric solutions across diverse sectors and complex projects.

Mike is an accomplished professional with a proven track record in pre-construction leadership, spanning over 15 years in the construction industry. In pivotal roles at Wates Construction since 2015, Mike has pioneered the company’s pre-construction processes, delivered projects across various sectors and expanded the business brand reach.

As a creative leader, Mike always seeks innovative methods by consulting experts and analysing data. He strives to create client-focused solutions by building project communities based on trusted relationships and setting high standards from the outset of every project.

Mike is passionate about promoting environmental sustainability in the industry. He is dedicated to reducing emissions and the carbon footprint of new projects and believes that innovation can lead to increasingly sustainable methods of construction, ensuring a more environmentally-minded future.

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