What’s ahead for Construction in 2020

Sir James Wates CBE
Sir James Wates CBE Former Chairman
What's ahead for Construction in 2020
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At the start of 2020 what are the hopes, fears and dreams for constructions leaders?

Not just a new year, but a new decade, Building.co.uk interviews industry leaders about what is ahead for Construction in 2020. Sir James Wates, Chairman of Wates Group, was among those featured and remarks that he is approaching 2020 with great optimism.

I am not underplaying the challenges that remain ahead of us in adapting to life outside the EU, but the cloud of uncertainty is lifting, and we will be clearer on our tasks ahead.

One such task is to continue removing the blockages that have kept us from becoming a more collaborative industry. We have been making progress, and I feel a step change is coming. One catalyst for this is the need to transition to a carbon-neutral economy, and this will be front and centre in 2020.

I believe that the best way to come up with innovations is to get everybody clients, consultants, contractors and supply chain partners around the table early in the planning process, so were all solving the problem together, as a team. So collaborate to innovate will be a prominent theme in 2020.”

Sir James Wates CBE

Chairman of Wates Group