A trial installation of Magnatech Fuel Conditioning Systems was carried out by Needspace? (part of Wates) at one of their office buildings in London in 2018. The results show:

  • A reduction of 11% in gas consumption compared to the previous years
  • A saving in fuel costs of £484 per year

Based on the reduction of harmful emissions and saving on Gas costs Needspace? has now installed the Magnatech System at all their sites.


The performance of EndoTherm, an energy saving additive for heating systems, was piloted by Needspace? (part of Wates) at their office in Earlsfield Business Centre in 2018 for 11 months. The results show:

  • 13.39% reduction in gas consumption
  • £544 financial savings based on a unit gas cost of 3p/kWh.
  • Saved 3,354kg of CO2e

Over a five year period, the Earlsfield Business Centre is projected to make 98,891kWh of energy savings, save £2,967 of financial savings and reduce its carbon emissions by 18, 295kg of CO2e.

Introducing Standard Chartered Bank with Propelair 

Wates FM introduced international financial services giant, Standard Chartered Bank to Propelair, a UK based cleantech company specialising in energy and water saving toilets.

After a trial of the Propelair smart toilets, Standard Chartered had 121 units installed at their London head office.

Nearly three years since the toilets have been installed, Standard Chartered has seen around 81% reduction in water usage compared to standard models. This has resulted in a saving of over 14 million litres of water and annual water bill savings of around £30k.

Propelair Toilet, eliminates more germs than standard toilets.