If you have cutting edge, market-leading sustainable innovation for the design, construction and maintenance of buildings we want to hear from you!

We invite you to fill in this form to be reviewed and approved by our technical screening panel. Once approved, our Innovation Partners are showcased and promoted on our WIN portal to our customers and colleagues to help promote your product and services and accelerate your route to market.

Innovation Partners application form

Fill in the form below with as much details as possible. This form will be passed to our in-house experts to review your application.



Please describe the product in sufficient detail for the context and capabilities to be understood and evaluated. (approximately 300 words):
Please outline what stage your technology and innovations have reached. Please set out clearly all empirical evidence of the innovation, third party verification and the stage that the roll-out has reached. (approximately 200 words):
Describe how innovative the product is in design, technology and/or application (approximately 200 words):
Please detail the costs including: Technology, Installation Costs, Annual Maintenance Cost, Operating Cost, Lifetime of product, Return on investment, Other (approximately 200 words).
Briefly explain the route to market for your product. E.g. are you a distributor, reseller etc. (approximately 200 words):
Summarise why your product should be considered, e.g. the unique innovative aspects or the technological advances that are the key elements or what benefits does the product brings to organisations (approximately 200 words):
Please supply a short case study on where the product is deployed with verifiable sustainable benefits. E.g. Describe how much verifiable energy it has saved in volume or cost, including any relevant images (approximately 300 words). The case study can be submitted either as part of this entry form below, or as another attachment when submitting your entry form.
Please provide any further information, evidence or references to support your entry, including details and evidence of any certifications if applicable. Use the text box above and/or submit clearly labelled attachment(s)/diagrams(s) (no more than 5 MB) to the entry form.
Please explain how working with Wates would benefit your business’ (approximately 200 words):
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