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Wates Developments specialises in land, planning and residential development throughout Southern England. Our financial strength, corporate stability and commitment to what we do make us a strong and attractive partner or purchaser for both land owners and developers alike.

Our business holds a large and growing portfolio of potential residential development land and our team focuses on securing valuable planning consents in sustainable locations, in both town and country where it is needed most.

Land Investment

Investment significantly increased throughout 2017 across a range of green and brownfield land interests and the business now has a portfolio of over 80 sites at all stages of planning, representing in excess of 12,000 homes.


While the planning environment remained challenging throughout this period, the team’s deep understanding of the market, strong relationships with landowner partners and expertise in creative and compelling engagement strategies, enabled successful consents for 1,500 new homes to be achieved in 2017. A particular highlight was the consent for 750 new homes at Hounsome Fields in Basingstoke and its subsequent sale on behalf of landowners.

House Builder Joint Ventures

Once consented we may sell our land or invest in residential development schemes through long established joint ventures with leading UK house builders, which include Barratt Homes, Linden Homes and Miller Homes. We are always looking for new partners and want to work with the best.

In 2017 Wates Developments added seven new House Builder Joint Ventures to the portfolio, bringing the total number of active schemes to 18. These developments will deliver a total of over 2,800 new homes over the next few years.

The geographic spread of the portfolio was also widened to the west as planned, now including developments in Bristol, Salisbury, and Ringwood.

Home sales across the HBJV portfolio were resilient across the year. A combination of careful investment in sustainable locations and a focus on delivering homes within the scope of the government’s Help to Buy scheme thresholds, enabled a steady rate of sales at growing margins

Our team of land acquisition and property experts consistently delivers exceptional outcomes in the communities in which we work. We focus on securing the best residential developments in the best locations.

By creating outstanding teams of both our own people and leading consultants, we engage positively with stakeholders and secure valuable planning consents, delivering new investments, homes, infrastructure and sustainable communities.


Land Investment

We identify and promote land in areas needing development and new homes.

We secure both greenfield and brownfield residential land opportunities through freehold acquisitions, land options and promotional agreements on sites with or without planning consent.

Unlike most in development, we require no external funding to purchase land and demonstrate flexibility to suit individual landowner circumstances and requirements.

Specialist Planning Delivery

Engaging with communities is at the heart of what we do. Our team is highly skilled and passionate about creating development visions and ‘placemaking’ solutions whilst working with local residents and stakeholders to deliver sustainable communities

Our ability to achieve valuable permissions on complex sites remains our fundamental proposition. Against a backdrop of an ever evolving and challenging planning environment, our team focuses on the opportunity to drive the agenda for new homes.

Residential Land Sales

Our strong capability and heritage in land sales and acquisitions, make us the ideal partner.

The valuing and selling of land can be a complicated process, sometimes with multiple landowners involved. We ensure the whole process from start to finish is orchestrated smoothly by our team of specialists who always guarantee the transaction is undertaken with integrity, intelligence and in the most professional way to suit individual needs.

Housebuilding Joint Ventures

We partner with some of the UK’s finest house builders to deliver projects and schemes across the South of England.

We believe that the building and selling of new homes is an expertise and as such we chose our partners carefully.

Alliances we have with some of the UK’s leading house builders have existed for over a decade. These relationships are formed of mutual respect and trust, where we are fully aligned to deliver the best outcomes for all.

Having developed some of the best sites in Southern England through joint ventures and with a very strong pipeline of new opportunities coming forward year on year, we remain focused on ensuring our new houses become new homes.

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Matthew Tunley

Land Director, Wates Developments

Wates Developments

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Senior Land Manager, Wates Developments

Wates Developments

Sarah Cox

Senior Land Manager, Wates Developments

Wates Developments

Stephen Sedgley

Senior Land Manager, Wates Developments

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