Wates Sustainable Technology Services showcases at ESTA on 10th October

This year’s ESTA U|M|S roadshow (10TH October, Birmingham) gives energy managers a free chance to update their skills and knowledge, covering new regulations, case studies, and, crucially, new technologies to improve energy efficiency.

Finding the new technologies that can improve the performance of existing buildings is time consuming and risky. Wates Sustainable Technology Services is helping take some of the pain out of the process. For the first time, the group will be appearing at the Energy Services and Technology Association, or ESTA, showcasing the work of six of their approved suppliers.

Wates Sustainable Technology Services promotes the uptake of sustainable products or technologies that improve the efficiency of commercial buildings, by putting them through a competitive vetting process before introducing them to their customers. The solutions are aimed at existing buildings, and range from smart hand dryers to retrofittable monitoring systems.

If you have a sustainable product or technology that can offer direct resource efficiency benefits to existing commercial buildings, such as reducing energy in-use, carbon emissions, waste and water usage without compromising the comfort and working conditions of building users, Please register your details at Wates Sustainable Technology Services.

“We feel the market is ready to get to grips with new technology to improve efficiency, and we can help accelerate the process by screening market ready solutions and introducing only the very best to our customers”

Dr Zainab Dangana, Sustainable Technologies Services Manager at Wates.

The showcase at ESTA will include solutions that improve efficiency for nearly every type of commercial building and use, including:


Blygold are world leaders in the field of Anti-Corrosion/Anti-Bacterial coatings for HVAC/R plant. Blygold apply anti-corrosion coatings to heat exchangers such as chillers, AHUs, Air Conditioning etc. Such coatings can more than triple the life of the coils blocks and reduce the energy consumption by as much as 25%, particularly on units in such corrosive environments as airports, ports, industrial areas, coastal areas and city centres.
The coatings can be applied to new units prior to installation or to existing units already installed on site.

Blygold operate in over 57 countries throughout the world and is recognised as the Brand Leader in Heat Exchanger Post Coat Protection and the renovation of Air Handling Equipment.


EndoTherm is an award winning energy saving additive. Suitable for ANY wet heating system Endotherm has been independently proven to save up to 15% on heating bills. EndoTherm is 100% organic with a 1 day carbon payback and a typical ROI of less than 12 months.

EndoTherm has been installed into 10,000 properties nationwide. The product is verified as an energy saving technology by the Energy Saving Trust and won the 2016 CIBSE Building Performance Awards: Energy Saving Product of the Year.

Halcyan Water Conditioners

Halcyan Water Conditioners are the most sustainable solution for the prevention and removal of mineral deposits, particularly lime-scale, in hard water areas. WRAS certified and installed globally in commercial buildings, manufacturing plants, healthcare, mining, municipal housing and hospitality systems, Halcyan is ideal for new and retrofit situations.

Lime-scale creates major losses in energy efficiency, significantly increases maintenance and energy costs, and diminishes equipment’s lifetime value.

Halcyan’s unique alloy core achieves excellent results without the use of any energy or chemicals, there’s no ongoing costs or maintenance, and the units last over 30 years giving the units an average ROI of 2 years and making them truly sustainable.


Monodraught COOL-PHASE is an award winning natural cooling and low energy ventilation system that creates a comfortable, fresh and healthy indoor environment that can significantly reduce the running costs of buildings. COOL-PHASE uses thermal batteries to capture and store heat and cooling energy. The thermal batteries use the latent heat property of a Phase Change Material (PCM) to store large amounts of energy. This PCM changes phase at room temperature and is charged and discharged by passing air through its thermal batteries releasing the stored energy when it is required. COOL-PHASE monitors indoor and outdoor temperatures, internal CO2 levels and humidity and automatically ventilates the space via the means of an intelligently controlled Air Handling Unit.


Purrmetrics provides affordable diagnostics on how well your building is performing and where it is wasting energy. Poor control of heating and cooling systems can waste enormous amounts of energy by conditioning unoccupied space, or making different systems fight each other. Worse, these problems tend to persist and drift over time, as occupiers or facilities managers adjust the system away from the most efficient set up.

Purrmetrix helps energy managers identify these problems, as well as improving comfort and performance.

Savortex Limited

Savortex Limited is a UKTI backed and funded, British multi-award winning Eco, and Smart (internet of things enabled) hand dryer technology manufacturer. Their vision is to transform wasteful and costly commercial washrooms into sustainable and profitable smart spaces.

Built on Intel® ATOM technology, the SAVORTEX smart dryer uses just 1/3rd of the energy compared to market leading dryers (such as Dyson), and uses in-built sensors to monitor dryer usage and washroom footfall in real-time, wirelessly reporting the data to building managers for analytics. The data allows buildings managers to identify hidden risks (i.e. energy & waste), and the smart dryer uses this data to alert cleaners to washroom inspections based on actual footfall, transforming washroom management.

Their products serve sustainability focused corporates such as Wates, British Airways, Carillion, Rolls Royce, GSK, L’Oreal, Honda, Shell.

Join us at ESTA and find out more about Wates Sustainable Technology Services and all of its suppliers. Registering for the ESTA event is free and gives access to a full day conference with actionable talks on how to create energy strategies and budgets, engage with suppliers and navigate the maze of policy.

Register here.