100 for 100 Series: Claudette Glave | Wates

100 for 100 Series: Claudette Glave

Our latest 100 for 100 featured employee is Claudette Glave

2018 is a milestone year as it marks 100 years since women in the UK were given the right to vote as part of the Representation of the People’s Act.

At Wates we want to use this historic anniversary as a catalyst for promoting equality of opportunity for women across our industry. Throughout 2018-2019 we are running a campaign called #100for100, where we will feature 100 women from across the business at all levels – providing a window into the daily working lives of our female colleagues and a platform for their views.

Our latest entrant is below. Plus, you can see all current featured employees here

Claudette Glave


Introduce yourself for us

I am Claudette  Glave a Senior Liaison Officer with Wates Living Space

How long have you been in your current role?

I started with Wates as a temporary worker back in 2004 as a Customer Liaison Officer then became permanent as a Senior Liaison Officer in 2005.  I actually left the company for 8 weeks when the downturn in the industry was at its peak. The grass is not greener on the other side – I can tell you this from experience, and it wasn’t long before I came back my Wates family!

What brought you to Wates?

I was working for Solihull MBC as a CLO when Decent Homes started, I carried out that position for 2 years, the work became very slow as SMBC were looking at changing contractors. The administrator working for CHN, Claire, had left to join Wates. Wates were looking for CLOs as they had won the Birmingham contract and Claire had put me forward. I met with Tom Langley who took me around the Hawkesley Estate which I was to look after and the rest is history…  

What advice would you give to women entering the industry?

Never be afraid to come into this industry, there are many roles which women excel in, from being on site to working in the offices. Coming into the industry I didn’t think that I would be listened to or accepted by my male peers, fortunately for me this wasn’t the case, obviously there have been times where there has been heated discussions but it’s passion on both sides. We always come to a solution where a win win solution is found for all. The goal is always the same, to get the job done right first time.

You can achieve anything if you want it, no matter your gender. They say women have a finer eye for detail, this industry needs you.


Who are your role models?

I have one role model and that is my Mother, she has always taught me to be the best I can be, stand up for what I believe in and always be fair.

Tell us something unusual about you   

I don’t think there is anything unusual about me (others may think differently) I have 5 grandchildren yes that’s correct 5, so I have the ability to be childlike when babysitting duties are bestowed upon me, however I never win on the Xbox never, but I’ll keep practicing – one day I’ll win one day!!

What changes would you like to see in 100 years time? 

I would love to see all people of all races, colour and creed just get on, sounds a bit cliché but understanding of all. Acceptance of all humans no matter where they come from or their gender – It’s ok not to get on with everyone in life but have an understanding of everyone’s needs.