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Waterblade, Halcyan Water Conditioners, Endotherm, Magnatech


Wates Sustainable Technology Services acts as an innovation broker to select suppliers of market-ready, low carbon sustainable technologies from applicants to its innovation competitions.

Each supplier is then screened against robust criteria, with finalists given the opportunity to pitch their innovative technology to a judging panel, in the style of a ‘Green Dragons’ Den’ style pitch.

Standard Chartered Bank joined the judging panel in 2017, alongside experts from Wates Smartspace and other leading organisations. Following the pitches, four technologies were identified to take forward and pilot in a live environment, with the potential to be rolled-out across Standard Charted Bank’s entire property portfolio


Standard Chartered Bank has implemented a range of technologies at  its London headquarters, actively contributing to energy and water efficiencies:

Waterblade – a tap insert that shapes water flow into a ‘blade’ of water as wide as your hand – it is already saving at least 50% water in around 130 handbasins

Halcyan Water Conditioners – offering a solution to the problem of limescale build-up which can waste energy and lead to heater replacement, at a cost of approximately £3k a time

Endotherm – a non-corrosive energy and gas-saving additive that is introduced into the heating system to reduce water surface tension. This can improve heat-transfer rates and efficiency, saving between 10-15% on fuel bills

Magnatech – a high-performance fuel-conditioning system that alters the molecules of gas entering boilers, further improving efficiency by 6-10% and cutting costs.

Working with Wates Sustainable Technology Services effectively makes it easier for us to source and implement innovation technologies, with potential for clean and green savings and efficiencies across our property portfolio.

Having a shortlisting process for selection minimises the time factor and maximises the quality of candidate, speeding delivery and boosting payback at our end.

This programme offers a great shop-window for sustainable technology providers and a valuable process for our specification and procurement – so, an industry-wide win-win."

Darren Sear Global Head of Energy & Environment, Standard Chartered Bank