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The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Facilities Management

5 years


The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Wates FM is an extension of the team at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability (RHN) and has been working in partnership with the hospital to provide a flawless M&E facilities management service across the entire estate since October 2015.

Founded in 1854, the the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability is one of the oldest independent hospitals and medical charities in London and provides rehabilitation for people with complex neurological disabilities.

  • 170 Patients on site
  • £32,703 Of grants awarded by Wates Giving

Wates FM places great emphasis on selecting the right people to work on site in this emotionally challenging environment. Our programme of works is centred on providing the most comfortable setting to support the wellbeing of patients, their families and staff. This means that our team is given the flexibility to amend or re-prioritise the services we provide to ensure patients receive the best care possible and that the standards required by the Care Quality Commission are met.

Not only have you delivered everything promised, but I’m very pleased with the operational delivery. I’ve seen an immediate change in the team’s behaviour to being more open since we appointed Wates. We now all have a ‘one team’ ethic.

Phil Montague Head of Estates, Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability

The outcome

Wates Giving, part of the Wates Family Enterprise Trust, has supported the hospital for a number of years, providing grants totalling £32,703 for vital equipment and services from 1997 – 2003.

Facilities Management

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