b'WatesImpeccable health and safety record WAT E S S M A R T S PA C E C R E D E N T I A L SSmartspaceZEROundertook HARMachieved for over a year Wates 660 Appointed as lead contractor for the fit out of Smartspaceprojects across the UK HMRCproviding over17,500 sq. min retail, logistics, pharmaceutical,QUEEN of office space Wates Smartspace is a Long term relationships are key toand project management staff. With so banking and public sectorsELIZABETH national business, delivering business success, with over 74% ofmany projects having to be delivered Net Promoter Score business in the form of a framework orwithin very short timeframes, this will HOUSE high-quality fit out,long-term contractual agreement. In 2018,ensure the right people, with a diverse refurbishment and Wates introduced the Net Promoterrange of skills and expertise can be Score (NPS), an independent assessmentdeployed where theyEDINBURGH property upkeep projects, from its customers of its performanceare needed.53% enhancing our customersacross a range of areas. Our success is underpinned by our operating environments.UPLIFT 74% Key sectors include commercial offices,We deliver projectshigh performing teams. We pride ourselves on employing experts who broadcasters, pharmaceutical retail,lead the field in their specialisms.developers, banks, distribution centresThe teams ethos is demonstrated and public sector premises, with projectin live environmentsdaily in their attention to detail. We DEMONSTRATES values ranging from 20k to 25m. deliver projects in live environments IMPROVED Smartspace experienced growth in 2019often workingoften working around business-critical equipment; and we do this while CUSTOMERdespite challenging market conditions.continuing to manage safe, high quality around business-SATISFACTION OF WORK Relationships were strengthened, due incritical equipment programmes 24 hours a day, seven days part to the focus we placed on workinga week, across all parts of the UK. collaboratively with clients to find cost from long-term clients effective solutions. New work was wonThe business identified areas forHelen Bunch across different sectors with publicManaging Director, Wates Smartspacesector orders increasing, and all while and frameworks retaining an enviable health and improvement and embarked on a 12- safety record.month improvement programme, and a resulting 53% uplift in the NPS in 2019. In 2019 we undertook 660 projects across the UK. These ranged from logisticallyHealth and safety performance was 500m 200 challenging CAT A (basic landlordalmost unblemished, with no (RIDDOR) fitout) and CAT B (style, fittings etc.)reportable injuries for the entire 12 OVERfit-out projects to extensions, structuralmonths, as well as an industry-leading alterations and critical resilience projects,Lost Time Injury Rate of 0.000, and this often working as an unobtrusive presencecommitment to improving the image of within live operational environments.the construction industry, was recognised with the award of nine Considerate A strategic focus of 2019 was to grow Constructors Scheme (CCS) awardsfoodhalls and public sector customers to provide aand an average CCS score of 40. worth of workM&S 50 full linemore balanced business. Along with keyTo ensure we can be fit for future commercial customers Marks & Spencer, challenges we have invested in our completed for stores GSK, and the UKs top four major highdelivery model, putting a four-year street banks, key public sector clients partnership framework in place with included the BBC, HMRC and theMinistry of Justice.the construction recruitment specialist McGinley CEP to help resource all site'