b'WAT E S L I V I N G S PA C E C R E D E N T I A L S WAT E S L I V I N G S PA C E C R E D E N T I A L SCASE STUDY: WATES LIVING SPACE CreatingPeabodytomorrowWates Living Space has delivered day tothis procurement and Living Space will together25m day responsive repairs, fire safety worksbe working with Peabody to deliver aThe Wates Group takes very seriously its responsibilities and planned maintenance services forhigh-quality, future-proofed, innovative the Housing Association Peabody, sinceservice that improves resident satisfaction. CONTRACT June 2017. In early 2019, WLS securedto be a good corporate citizen, to pay our taxesa new four-year framework contractAs part of the service delivery, WLS hasand to contribute to social value via our activitieswith Peabody for responsive repairsimplemented its upgraded maintenancein the communities where we work. We are economic and specialist works, covering a widersystem to ensure Peabody gets anmultipliers, guided by our purpose of workinggeographical and specialist remit effective, efficient and customer focused service through end-to-endtogether to inspire better ways of creating theMORE THAN across London.works management, including real timeplaces, communities and businesses of tomorrow.With a total expected contract valuecommunication, data capture and smart 3 0, 000 of more than 25m, the work willreporting and analysis. WLS is alsoSir James Wates CBEChairmaninvolve more than 30,000 annual repairs,supporting Peabodys digital modernisation electrical repairs and upgrades, passive fireprogramme and has created a Digital ANNUALprotection works, door replacements, gasRoadmap to guide future innovations. heating and hot water installations, daily REPAIRS repairs and compartmentation. As with all responsive repairs, most of these works will be delivered by a directly-employed workforce, with the rest fulfilled by specialist subcontractor SMEs. Technical innovation in service delivery was one of many key drivers of'