b'N O T E S T O T H E A C C O U N T S23. ContingenciesThere are claims arising in the normal course of trading that are in the process of negotiation. In some cases these negotiations maybe protracted over several years. Provision has been made for all amounts which the directors consider will become payable on account of claims. There are contingent liabilities in respect of guarantees under buildings and other agreements entered into in the normal course of business. The Company has guaranteed the bank loan due by a subsidiary undertaking (note 14).24. Related partiesTurnover in respect of the value of contracting work done for and land sold to joint ventures in the year ended 31 December 2019 was 5,000,000 (2018: 19,973,000).Amounts were due to the Group from joint ventures and associates at 31 December 2019 of 87,935,000 (2018: 81,822,000).Additionally at 31 December 2019, the Group owed joint ventures 12,022,000 (2018: 7,657,000). Interest at market rates is receivable/(payable) in respect of loans, which are unsecured, due from/(to) joint ventures.At 31 December 2019, 2,605,000 (2018: 2,422,000) was due from Myriad CEG Group Limited (Myriad) and 2,000,000 (2018: 2,000,000) was due from Cornflower Investments Limited (Cornflower). The amount due from Myriad CEG Group Ltd has been fully provided for. The amount due from Cornflower is included in other debtors of the Company and the Group. Interest is receivable at a market rate in respect of these amounts. Myriad and Cornflower are related to the Company and the Group through common control. The Company has guaranteed a 500,000 bank overdraft facility held by a subsidiary of Myriad and in turn has received a counter guarantee from members of the Wates family.During its normal course of business, a Group subsidiary, Wates Developments Limited, entered into a promotion agreement for a site, with Andrew T. A. Wates, who is a shareholder of the Company, and his wife, Sarah, in July 2016. The initial contract will last for 10 years and an initial amount of 85,000 was paid. Wates Developments Limited will be paid a promotion fee of 20% if it successfully achieves planning on the site within 10 years. The promotion is extendable for 10 years on payment of an additional fee. During 2019, Wates Developments Limited bought a piece of land adjacent to the site. If the promotion contract between Andrew T. A. Wates and his wife, Sarah expires, Andrew T. A. Wates and his wife, Sarah, can purchase this piece of land at cost plus interest at 2% above the base rate.Deena Mattar, a Non-Executive Director of the Company (resigned 4 March 2019), is a Non-Executive for Grant Thornton, who carried out advisory work for the internal audit function of the Group for fees of 29,000 (2018: 19,000).Key management personnel includes all Statutory directors of the company and of the Executive Committee.The total remuneration for key management personnel for the year was 10,226,000 (2018: 5,643,000).96 ANNUAL REVIEW 2019'