b'The A, B and C preference, ordinary and second ordinary shares are treated as separate classes of shares regarding further issues and transfers and, in the case of ordinary and second ordinary shares only, proceedings at general meetings.The Group and Companys reserves are as follows:The share premium reserve contains the premium arising on the issue of equity shares, net of issue expenses.The capital redemption reserve contains the amounts transferred following repurchase and redemption of the Companys shares.The profit and loss account reserve represents cumulative profits and losses, including unrealised profit on the remeasurement of investment properties, net of dividends paid and other adjustments.20.Reconciliation of Group operating profit to cash generated by operations2019 2018Group 000s000sGroup operating profit including joint ventures and associates 32,469 32,290Adjustments for:Increase in fair value of investment property (1,194) (3,409)Profit on sale of investment in joint venture (571) -Profit on sale of properties with equity loans (93) -Depreciation and amortisation 9,845 9,032Joint ventures and associates (7,989) (11,456)Impairment of other investments 1,435 -Increase in stocks (8,042) (10,364)(Increase)/decrease in debtors (29,083) 7,546Increase/(decrease) in creditors 81,633 (27,031)Increase in provisions 142 4,946Cash from operations before adjustment for pensions funding 78,552 1,554Adjustment for pensions funding (9,389) (11,304)Cash generated from/(used in) from operations 69,163 (9,750)Interest received 4,686 3,805Interest paid (1,130) (550)Corporation tax paid (4,344) (3,347)Net cash inflow/(outflow) from operating activities 68,375 (9,842)21.Operating Lease Commitments2019 2018Group 000s000sGroup total future minimum lease payments under non-cancellable operatingleases are as follows:Within one year 6,343 6,595Between one and five years 10,469 13,880After five years 2,023 4,22018,835 24,69593'