b'O U R B U S I N E S S E S | S U S TA I N A B I L I T Y R E P O RTCOMMUNITIES Since the programmes inception in 2006,In addition, two one-week residential Wates has supported 1,800 people throughcamps at Loughborough University Creating social value for morethe Building Futures programme and inprovided opportunities for 57 Year 12prosperous communities2019 it delivered a further 24 programmesand 13 students from diverse backgrounds In 2019, the Groups education andproviding training, qualifications and careeracross the UK to learn more about the employability programmes, communitysupport to more than 260 people. built environment while developing their development projects, and Social67% of adult participants achieve a positiveinterpersonal and employability skills.Enterprise created social value of moreoutcome, in transitioning into employmentOf the participants, 60% were BAME and than 8m. This is based on research by or further education, either with Wates,40% were female, with 41% living in the NEF Consulting which calculated thatour supply chain, or other employers/ most deprived areas of the UK. every 1 invested in community andtraining providers.Before the programme commenced only educational / employability programmesBuilding confidence,24% of young students strongly agreed that generated social value of 1.49.Construction offers great opportunities building careersand is well paid. This rose to 49% andThese programmes include initiatives to helpThe Build Yourself programme continues 100% of participants felt that the ease poverty and unemployment, attract ato inspire young people to pursue careersexperience informed them aboutmore diverse workforce, support and growin the built environment. careers in the built environment. the Social Enterprise sector, and engage employees in volunteering opportunitiesCreated in 2017 in partnership withIn 2020, whilst maintaining the focus that support wellbeing, environmental, andeducation charity partners Career Readyon creating opportunities for people charitable outcomes.and Let Me Play, Wates Build Yourselffurthest from the workforce, Wates will programme focuses on national engagementbe broadening its engagement programme Building Futures for thosewith schools and colleges. It offers ato 2,000 primary age children and 2,480 furthest from the workforcementoring scheme, masterclasses, secondary school and further education Building Futures is a two-week pre- summer internships, site visits and a students as part of our effort to inspire a employment training programme designedbespoke Wates Summer Camp.future workforce for the built environment. to help long-term unemployed adults getIn 2019, the Build Yourself programme into the world of construction. Many ofsupported 32 young people through those the programme supports are fromone-to-one mentoring and over 25 disadvantaged or minority backgrounds,masterclasses and workplace visits. with 15% being former offenders. CASE STUDY: COMMUNITIES From inspiration toemployment with Wates Participating in the Build Yourselfparticipated in the Build Yourselfprogramme in 2018 kick-started Kylesummer-camp which she describesMarzans career in the built environment;as a game changer. something she would never haveDuring a four-week paid internship atWates helped me find what I wanted considered without the support of Wates, Kyle was further inspired by otherto be in the future and gave me the Wates and Build Yourself delivery members of the business, enabling her inspiration and determination to apply partner, Career Ready.to gain confidence and a positive outlook,for an apprenticeship with them.Kyle took part in workshops that helpedand to overcome challenging The Build Yourself programme and her gain employability skills such aspersonal circumstances.the subsequent opportunities it led to building confidence, understanding andgave me the confidence to make this knowing herself, and communicationKyle was awarded Career Readys Studentpossible and shows the importance of and presentation skills. The programmeof the Year for South of England inexperiencing the world of work for young inspired Kyle to explore the opportunities2019 and in September - after achievingpeople. It was an amazing opportunity offered in the built environment and,success at our Early Careers assessmentthat has led to my dream career.encouraged by Wates, she undertook ancentre - she joined Wates apprenticeshipKyle Marzan internship within the business. She alsoscheme as a trainee estimator. 40 ANNUAL REVIEW 2019'