b'O U R B U S I N E S S E S | S U S TA I N A B I L I T Y R E P O RTSustainability ReportThe Wates approach toThe four areas on which our effort to sustainability is encapsulatedmake Wates more sustainable is focused97.4% people, the environment, buildings, and in the Guiding Frameworkcommunitiesare reflected throughout and the Groups purposethe business. Wates aim is to drive a more circular economy by delivering tangible of inspiring better wayssocial, environmental and economic of waste divertedof creating the places,benefits for the communities in whichfrom landfillcommunities, and it works. The Group has committed to a businesses of tomorrow.range of initiatives and programmes that impact the environment positively, improve The Wates Familys belief that goodpeoples wellbeing, stimulate innovation, business, done well, can be a force forand create employment opportunities for good in society is a responsibility those furthest from the workforce.Wates takes seriously. We are restless in our efforts to create As well as preparing this Sustainabilityand protect sustainable communities, Report, Wates has adopted Streamlinedbuildings, people and environments,Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) a yearand to inspire positive behaviours that ahead of being legally required to do so.drive the safe delivery of projects which5,000By reporting in 2019, this first submissionhave a long-lasting, positive impact. focuses on meeting the mandatory andJohn Dunne selected voluntary aspects of the EnergyExecutive Committee member responsible and Carbon reporting obligations. The SECRfor Wates sustainability programmes can be found in page 43 of this report. trees planted during the year65%of energy demand provided fromrenewable sources36 ANNUAL REVIEW 2019'