Samena Choudhury | Wates Management Team
Samena Choudhury - Community Investment Manager

Samena Choudhury - Community Investment Manager

Responsible for leading on all areas of Social Value for Construction Northern Home Counties

My passion is working with individuals who are looking to start the next step in their careers, providing them with help, advice and guidance about the opportunities available to them this could be through pre employability programmes, work experience, mentoring or internships programmes. As a Community Investment Manager I have developed expertise in delivering community investment programmes, supporting and hiring apprentices and delivering social value tailored to the community’s we work in.


Prior to Wates my background was in apprenticeship recruitment, but I moved businesses a lot. I wanted my next step to be somewhere I knew I could be long term. Wates is a great company to work for, and it’s coming up to my 6 year anniversary now. I’ve never worked for a construction company before and it surprised me how many roles there were within the industry. I truly believe that there is a role for everyone. I love my job, it is so varied, every day can involve doing something different which I really enjoy. I find my role very rewarding and it’s great to work with a team that are so passionate about social value, I learn a lot from them!

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