62 miles of scaffolding in place at Derby Market Hall | Wates

Impressive scaffold structure in place for refurb of iconic Derby building would reach all the way to Manchester if laid end to end and weighs the equivalent of 8.5 blue whales.

The impressive structure is made up of:

  •  33,800 individual scaffold tubes
  • 100,000 fittings
  • 8,000 scaffold boards
  • 7 miles of beams
  • 2730 m2 of roof sheeting
  •  892 tones of scaffolding

The refurbishment of Derby Market Hall is continuing apace with Wates Construction having installed more than 62 miles worth of scaffolding to enable the delicate process of restoring the building to continue.

A total of 75 lorry loads of scaffolding was carried in by hand by 15 scaffolders – equating to the weight of eight and a half blue whales.

Taking 34 weeks to build, the structure will make it possible for trading to continue while building surveys now take place to inform the extent of the work required. This will comprise extensive work to the interior and exterior of the roof structure, such as restoring damaged glazing, replacing damaged bricks, and repairing gutters and smoke vents.

Wates Construction has been awarded a Gold Considerate Constructors Scheme 2019 National Site Award for the work carried out to date on Derby Market Hall.

Awards organisers praised Wates for its “outstanding commitment to improving the image of construction” and the numerous goodwill deeds that were undertaken by the site team from helping to erect the city’s Christmas tree to providing employment opportunities to disadvantaged people.

As the programme of works progresses, Wates is continuing to support the Market Hall traders and Council project team to a high level, offering tours and site visits to the traders, local sixth-form college and a range of industry professionals.

The project was procured through the empa framework since superseded by the Regional Construction framework which is managed by Scape Procure, a public-sector organisation dedicated to creating ongoing efficiency and social value via the built environment.

John Carlin, Regional Managing Director of Wates Construction Midlands, said:

“While the scaffolding is only in place to allow the refurbishment works to take place, the structure is an incredible feat of engineering in itself. Its completion marks an exciting milestone in the building’s transformation.

We’re proud that our team’s commitment to considerate construction is being recognised as much as the quality of our work. The Market Hall really is the crown jewel of Derby’s independent retail sector, so it is a privilege for our team to be leading this refurbishment programme, which will ensure the building works for modern businesses but loses none of its historic charm.”

Cllr Mick Barker, Cabinet Member for Governance and Licensing, said:

“The Market Hall project is of huge importance to us in Derby and we’re delighted to have Wates looking after the refurbishment. The completion of the impressive scaffolding marks another step to reaching our goal of this landmark, historic building becoming a key destination for residents, businesses and visitors to the city and providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for customers.”

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