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61 weeks

Tauheedul Islam Boys’ High School

Project overview

Tauheedul Islam Boys’ High School is a Muslim faith-based secondary school site for pupils aged 11-18 years, which specialises in Sports Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Big Society.

The new facility provides 800 pupil places and seeks to provide an inspiring teaching and learning environment, providing accommodation for existing pupils as well as new 6th form places for further education needs. The school is fully accessible and supports Special Educational Needs. It is inclusive to the local community, providing facilities for community use including sports, ICT and state of the art digital studios.

Tauheedul Islam Boys' High School - Study Area

This is the first of two schools procured as a batch for Star Academies on the DfE National Schools Framework.

Wates has been working with Star Academies since 2015, when the team built Eden Boys’ School in Bolton, and then the Olive School in Blackburn shortly afterwards. Both were delivered on budget and on time.

BIM Level 2 clash detection was used in the early stages of the project, allowing us to eliminate risks that could have occurred later.

“Our vision is to create schools where every single young person can excel. Building a school is about much more than the building; it is the learning environment that you create. These are values we share with Wates, and this has been fundamental to our relationship over the past four years.”
Mo Isap
member and trustee of Star Academies since 2010

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