delivery structure

Our promise to our customers is to deliver safely, on budget and on time, every time. To achieve that, we have a delivery structure that we believe allows us to bring all the expertise in the Wates Group to bear for our customers:

Strategic programmes around operational excellence, safety, supply chain management and our environmental impact are led at a Group level using the expertise and experience of all our businesses. These allow us to set clear priorities for the organisation in terms of improving its performance for customers. In each case, we set clear standards of delivery which are then measured and reported on to ensure progress is made. The result is a business that is clear on how to deliver in exceptional ways for customers and communities we work with. It has also enabled Wates to set industry-leading standards on delivery, safety and waste management that are driving the industry as a whole towards better standards.

Our business is organised around five key markets areas: Construction, Living Space, Interiors, Retail and Developments. Each employs specialists in their field, enjoys the flexibility to tailor Group processes to suit the demands of their market  yet has the clear expectations of the whole Group to deliver against.  These business groups set strategy and develop new offerings for the market, they also seek to influence their market, through thought-leadership.

Regionally, we have the local knowledge, supply chain and experience to deliver to our customers,  informed by the specialist and strategic knowledge of the national business units.

We believe this is a structure that benefits customers by combining the best of a local or specialist contractor, with the scale, expectations and stability of a national company.