sourcing responsibly

Sourcing responsibly includes ensuring the materials we buy are from sustainable sources and that the suppliers and sub contractors we use share the same environmental values as ourselves.

To achieve this we will:

  • Improve the pre-qualification requirements of our supply chain to ensure that their environmental processes align to those of Wates. In addition we will clearly articulate the requirements of our supply chain through Reshaping Tomorrow Contractors Environmental Rules. This is a fundamental part of our new Plan Right process.
  • Work with other organisations to support our supply chain to develop their environmental and systems and processes.
  • Work in partnership with organisations such as Forestry Stewardship Council to ensure that our requirements for sustainable timber procurement and Project Chain of Custody are integrated into our business.
  • Explore ways to increase the recycled content by value of materials used on our sites and work with organisations such as WRAP and key manufacturers. In addition to this to work understand the embodied carbon content of materials through our work with Building Research Establishment and educational establishments.
  • Support the UKCG Materials Working Group to influence and lead an industry responsible sourcing strategy

2011 Achievements

  • Introduction of ‘Reshaping Tomorrow – Contractor Environmental Rules’, a document that sets out how our supply chain can help maintain our environmental standards on site whilst supporting us to achieve our environmental targets and objectives
  • 8 projects achieved or working towards Project Chain of Custody certification


  • All projects to procure timber from sustainable sources with those over £10m achieving Project Chain of Custody
  • To provide tools to support our supply chain to improve their environmental performance.