Eco Cabins, as used on our DHL Cannock project

reducing climate change

Our commitment to reducing carbon emissions is twofold: we work with customers and industry partners to identify new technology and techniques for low carbon construction and we commit to reduce the carbon emissions from Wates' operations

As part of our Reshaping Tomorrow framework we have committed to reducing our carbon emissions by 10% year on year against our baseline of 2008. In 2008, our carbon footprint was 23,916 tonnes, normalised against turnover. Wates achieved 19% savings in 2009 and 14% in 2010 through the reduction of construction waste to landfill and targeted reduction initiatives.

To achieve this reduction, we will continue to focus on:

  • Making our business travel green. All our offices and major sites have video conference suites facilities installed and web online conferencing has been introduced to reduce the business miles and travel time required for face to face meetings. When we do need to travel, alternative method are available ranging from public transport to a cycle to work scheme and offices are being chosen near public transport to facilitate that. Our green car scheme encourages our people to buy lower emission vehicles. We have reduced the cap for cars to 140g/km.
  • Reducing energy usage from sites and offices. Power and water on site has been reduced by the use of Eco accommodation, some units employing additional PV as a renewable source of energy, and recycled grey water. Eco accommodation has been used successfully on numerous sites, where noticeable savings in emissions were made. In addition we have introduced a stricter maintenance regime on our office buildings which have also realised financial and carbon savings. Display monitors measuring usage of energy have been installed in some of our offices.
  • Reporting on our Performance. During 2011, we developed a Carbon Portal which captures consumption, carbon and cost are and normalises using a metric of tonnes CO2e/£M. This portal has enabled us to have clear visibility of our footprint from 2008. We are currently exploring our commitment to the Carbon Trust Standard.

2011 Achievements

  • 38.98% reduction in carbon emissions per £M turnover since 2008
  • Reduced travel emissions by 3% per driver in 2011.
  • Wates consolidated its offices in London and moved to the Peak, a BREEAM Very Good building
  • Eco-site accommodation being used on a number of projects
  • Over 40 projects in 2011 achieved BREEAM Very Good or Above


  • Achieve a 10% year on year reduction in carbon emissions from all of our business activities against the 2008 baseline
  • Reduce spend on fuel, energy and waste by 10% in 2012.