land acquisition

As a wholly privately owned company, our strong balance sheet, rapid decision making and operational flexibility makes Wates Developments a strong investment partner for landowners. With over 2780 acres of freehold and contracted land controlled, and over 2000 units in our 3 year planning pipeline, we have continued to invest without the constraint of needing third party funding to support our development proposals. In partnership with landowners, we offer a true collaboration between their land and our expertise and resources.

For green or brownfield sites from half an acre upwards in the Southern England, Wates Developments offers a range of sale solutions. Freeholds, contracts and promotional agreements* can all be accommodated to meet the short and long term needs of the individual landowner. We understand market conditions and have the skills to deliver optimised schemes through planning, quickly.  Wates Development has secured planning consent on housing schemes from a handful of properties to thousands of new homes on large urban town extensions.

In our joint ventures with housebuilders, Wates brings forward high quality consented sites, where we invest our own capital and share development risk jointly with our partners. Experienced in this role, Wates have a strong pedigree and long term commitment to the housing sector.  We offer the security of the financial strength of the Wates Group and maintain high integrity as a core value.  We currently have active joint ventures developments with Linden, Barratt and Redrow, and many land promotion partnerships with a wide range of housebuilders and developers such as Welbeck land, Rydon and Gleeson amongst others.

* Where Wates acts for landowners in gaining planning consent before taking the land to market jointly.

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