Adapt school solutions

Saving time and costs without compromising quality

Wates recognises that while every school is unique, they generally have more similarities than differences. That’s why we developed Adapt – our standardised school solution that allows for maximum flexibility and variety in school design options and maximises the standardisation of layouts, design components and materials to reduce the time and cost of delivery without compromising quality or functionality. Adapt consists of simple, robust building materials and principles with a highly developed and integrated building services solution offering minimal maintenance and low running cost along with creating high quality light, warm and airy classrooms appropriate for modern teaching.

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Saving time:

  • Removes the need for continuous design reinvention 
  • Time and money focused on the areas that matter most
  • School needs captured and translated quickly into agreed designs, with known costs
  • Lowering costs:
  • Optimised structures and services reduce infrastructure costs 
  • Durable product selection 
  • An efficient building envelope
  • Economies of scale using repeatable details

Maintaining quality:

  • Standard design specification developed over years of education experience 
  • Traditionally constructed from a library of trusted, buildable, durable and low-maintenance materials 

Tested and trialled on Technology Colleges
First implemented on Campsmount Technology College, Doncaster in 2011, Adapt set a benchmark for all new school delivery timescales and was featured in the Sebastian James Review of Education Capital. 
Refined and successfully rolled out to Academies
Using lessons learnt from Campsmount Technology College, we refined our process and successfully applied it to Outwood and De Warrene Academies, Doncaster.
Suitability for Primary Schools
We have most recently used Adapt on the Midlands 1 Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP) Batch, where its flexibility was proven to be just as suitable for Primary Schools as it has for Academies. We have recently completed Whitmore Park Primary School using our Adapt school solution, the first project to complete under the Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP).

Adapt case studies

Campsmount Technology College, Doncaster

Wates Construction completed the 7,500m2 rebuild of Campsmount Technology College following a fire in 2009, which destroyed the original school building. The scheme was selected as...

Outwood Academy Adwick, Doncaster

Wates completed the design and build of the 10,651m2 Outwood Academy Adwick using the innovative Adapt approach in the spring of 2013, following a build programme of 52 weeks. The...

Whitmore Park Primary School, Coventry

Wates Construction successfully handed over Whitmore Park Primary School in April 2014.  It is the first school to be completed under the Priority School Building Programme...