Adapt school solutions – an evolution

Wates recognises that while every school is unique, they generally have more similarities than differences. That’s why, in May 2011, at Campsmount Technology College in Doncaster, we began a journey to find a better solution.

Two years on, following significant research and development and application on live projects, we are now launching the next chapter of Adapt. With a full kit-of-parts designed in BIM 3D software, we are bringing improved lifecycle, energy performance and
cost benefits.

Adapt uses a standardised kit-of-parts – comprising of optimised, pre-tested, pre- engineered and often pre-procured components – that are able to be arranged in any physical configuration. It provides a standardised platform for approaching school design, with enough inbuilt adaptability to ensure that it does not result in standardised schools.

The outcome is high quality, flexible design with cost effective, certain delivery for every school.

Adapt takes a holistic approach to design, structures, services and construction to save money and improve quality


  • removes the need for continuous design reinvention
  • time and money focused on the areas that matter most
  • school needs captured and translated quickly into agreed designs, with known costs


  • standard design specification developed over years of education experience
  • traditionally constructed from a library of trusted, buildable, durable and low- maintenance materials


  • optimised structures and services reduce infrastructure costs
  • durable product selection
  • an efficient building envelope
  • economies of scale using repeatable details
Adapt case studies

Campsmount Technology College, Doncaster

Wates Construction completed the 7,500m2 rebuild of Campsmount Technology College following a fire in 2009, which destroyed the original school building. The scheme was selected as...

Outwood Academy Adwick, Doncaster

Wates completed the design and build of the 10,651m2 Outwood Academy Adwick using the innovative Adapt approach in the spring of 2013, following a build programme of 52 weeks. The...

De Warenne Academy, Conisbrough

Wates Construction completed construction of the 6,646m2 rebuild of De Warenne Academy in Conisbrough in February 2013, utilising Wates’ streamlined Adapt Schools Solutions design...