Birmingham Construction Partnership

Wates have provided construction services to Birmingham City Council for over 50 years. In 2004 we were appointed to the Birmingham Construction Partnership alongside two other constructors. The BCP was the first construction collaboration its kind in the UK and came about as a result of Birmingham City Council’s commitment to modernise its procurement processes in order to achieve best value service outcomes.

The partnership has enabled the local authority to move away from traditional lowest price, high risk tendering strategies by applying a more intelligent, integrated and value driven way of achieving efficiency, value for money and sustainability from their construction projects.

Wates have delivered over £229million worth of capital projects within this framework. The projects we have delivered all vary in terms of their size, value and complexity.

Projects include:

  • Construction of New Hall Primary School
  • Four special care centres
  • Wyndley Leisure Centre
  • Refurbishment of Lancaster Circus Office development

We work collaboratively with the Council in a number of ways:

  • Input from Design Management
  • Early cost planning, allowing the council to assess feasibility and affordability
  • Open book accounting

The partnership was originally due to run from 2004 until 2009. However, given the successful delivery of the projects together with the demonstrable savings that the City Council has benefitted from, it has now been extended until 2011.