live environments

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver maximum efficiency and minimum impact within live trading stores, and we constantly review our procedures and processes to ensure we deliver a seamless project for our clients.

  • Business as usual. We always remember your need to be able to serve your customers in a clean and, above all, safe environment. We treat the store as a live environment, not a building site, always considering the impact both on trading conditions and live services.
  • Regular communication. We engage with key store staff early, recognising what is important for them to successfully complete their tasks. We then conduct daily handover meetings when on site to update them with progress.
  • Working together. We develop phasing plans in partnership with you to ensure we sequence works to best suit your requirements.
  • Proven track record. In the last 2 years we have successfully delivered more than 200 live store projects worth some £125m, often for major high street names, including 50 for Marks and Spencer, 11 for John Lewis and Waitrose, and four refrigeration projects for Morrison’s.