Changing lives and generating opportunities in your community through friendly, creative and exceptional performance.

Wates is a family owned business that has been working at the heart of communities like yours for over 114 years. One of our core values is respect for people and communities. We understand that this community is your home and we are committed to making the work we do cause as little disruption as possible while achieving a great outcome for you and your neighbours. Resident care is at the very heart of our business. We believe the work we do will make a valuable contribution to providing sustainable communities for the future.

Our Resident Liaison Officers
  • Resident Liaison Officers are the crucial link between yourselves, your landlord and the project team carrying out the works.
  • Your Resident Liaison Officer will ensure that you are kept informed at all times, of when work will take place and what to expect, ensuring your needs are respected at all times.
  • Our Resident Liasion Officers will be able to provide you with (upon request) our literature and information in different languages and formats. 
  • Our Resident Liasion Officers undertake a fully accredited training course which ensures that they understand your needs.
  • Our Resident Care Policy and Resident Involvement Policy sets out how we will work with you and the standard of service that you should receive.
The National Team

Jean Fletcher
Customer Liaison Manager, Midlands and South West
Email: jean [dot] fletcheratwates [dot] co [dot] uk
Tel: 0121 423 2323

Carla White
Customer Liaison Manager, North West
Email: Carla [dot] whiteatwates [dot] co [dot] uk
Tel: 0161 946 8800

Lynne Mitchell
Resident Liaison Officer, London and South East
Email: lynne [dot] mitchellatwates [dot] co [dot] uk
Tel: 01372 861000

Shakil Murtaza
Customer Liaison Manager, North East
Email: shakil [dot] murtazaatwates [dot] co [dot] uk
Tel: 0113 231 1880

How you can get involved

Some of the ways in which residents are able to work with us include:

  • Helping to shape the way in which we build or refurbish your home.
  • Taking part in satisfaction surveys over the phone or by personal interview to ensure we are on track with our commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Filling in surveys or questionnaires about your needs, or those of the community.
  • Tenant Training and workshops.