influencing housing

Our aim is to lead by example, influencing Government, regulators, our suppliers and lobby groups to improve outcomes for both clients and residents. From technology to the environment we support our customers in staying one step ahead of legislation, regulations and expectations. By ensuring we understand the changing market we can tailor our service offering to our customers and help to influence the direction of change for the social housing industry.

  • Leading the way. We are involved in a number of leading initiatives which we hope are already helping to shape our changing industry.
  • Partnership research. We are working with other industry bodies to find out how housing associations can partner with private local business to deliver community benefits. Pilot projects are under way in Birmingham and Bristol.
  • Sustainability reviews. We are analysing existing stock, as the decent homes programme comes to an end and with the introduction of the Climate Change Bill. Work includes a Housing Forum report, a report to the Sustainable Development Commission, and securing funding for energy saving projects from the Technology Strategy Board.
  • Towards Zero Carbon. We have developed standard house type models to help our customers achieve Zero Carbon in support of the government target of delivering Zero Carbon new build homes by 2016.