Effective design and design management are key to the success of any project, and we believe our team offers the best service in the industry. We manage all design issues including co-ordination, CDP and supply chain design, plus sustainability and carbon control issues including BREEAM and Code Assessments.

  • Value engineering. Early focus at the design stage, with subsequent appraisals, increases the viability of projects.
  • Integrated design supply. Via our in-house engineering capability, which produces structural, civil and drainage designs.
  • Temporary works engineering. Reduces risk and streamlines delivery. Few contractors now offer this in-house, and we are recognised as an industry leader in this field.
  • Technical advice. We can assist with innovation, quality control and construction challenges, resulting in high quality, predictable products.
  • 3D models and flythroughs. Allows you to see the building in its finished form at the pre-tender/construction stage, so avoiding expensive design changes during the construction phase.
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